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1.       How many characters can I create in the game?

A: The current version of the game only allows one character to be created for each account.

2.       How many classes are there in the game?

A: When creating a Character, the player can choose from 4 classes: Warrior, Mage, Ranger and Destroyer.

3.       What is the purpose of Stamina in the game? At what rate will it recover over time? What happens when I run out of Stamina?

A: Challenging instances costs Stamina. You will recover 5 Stamina every 30 minutes and the game will also give free Stamina at certain times of the day. Players can also buy Stamina.

4.       How can I learn skills?

A: Once the protagonist reaches a certain level, you can click “Skills” at the bottom of the screen to learn skills.

5.       How can I increase my personal level quickly?

A: Main Quests and Daily Quests are the main source of EXP in the beginning of the game.

6.       How can I obtain Diamonds in the game?

A: You can obtain a lot of Diamonds by topping up or participating in in-game events.

7.       Why am I losing to other people even though I have more Might?

A: Might is a comprehensive number that indicates a player’s strength. It does not account for tactics and strategies. When there is only a small difference in the Might of players, you can achieve success through good use of your cards, skills, and lineup.

8.       Are there any tricks that can help me win battles?

A: If you consider the lineup from a horizontal view, it can be divided into top, middle and bottom paths. You can attack your opponent’s protagonist directly by breaking through any of these three paths and, in turn, reversing the battle situation by taking advantage of holes in your opponent’s lineup.

9.       How do I use the Divine Beast Summon skill?

A: Every time you use your Fairy’s skills, you will accumulate some Divine Beast Summon energy. When the energy bar is full, you can click on the Energy Orb to use Divine Beast Summon. However, don’t forget that you can only use the Divine Beast Summon once per battle!

10.   How can I participate in Pontiff’s Power?

A: Go to the Event Ambassador, select Pontiff’s Power and click on “I Want to Register” at the Registration Hall. The system will automatically select the 8 participating players who have the highest Might on the day of Pontiff’s Power.

11.   How can I join or found a Guild?

A: After players reach Lv. 20, they can spend 100 Diamonds to found their own guild.

12.   What advantages are there to joining a guild?

A: In addition to making more friends, joining a guild will also allow you to claim more Gold. Furthermore, you can get lucrative rewards from the Guild Secret Base and Guild Boss events.

13.   What effect does the Rank system have?

A: Your Rank gives you attribute bonuses and EXP bonuses when you are offline. More effects and features will be added to the Rank System in the future stages of the game.

14.   How can I get the Clearance Guide reward for the server opening event?

A: You will get a rating of 1 to 3 stars when you clear instances. After you've accumulated enough stars, you will receive the corresponding Clearance Guide rewards.

15.   Why can't I collect my level up rewards for the server opening events even though I’ve reached a certain level?

A: There is a limit to the number of rewards that are given out during each phase of the server opening level up event. Rewards will no longer be given out once this limit has been exceeded.