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[Battle System Overview]

All new Leader Mode, ready to execute a desperate counterattack anytime!

In Game of Power, we have introduced a revolutionary change to the traditional turn-based card battle system, and created an all new battle concept - Leader Mode. Players can attack the enemy in 3 ways, either from the front, in the middle or at the back. Once any of the player’s units defeats the front row of enemies, they can then head straight to attack the enemy’s leader! Once the enemy leader has fallen, we will be victorious! Of course, this rule also applies to the enemy. So you can choose to remain steadfast and protecting the leader's base while you slowly progress, or you can take a chance and launch an all-out attack on the enemy’s weak point while also making your leader vulnerable to attacks. It all depends on the the player's knowledge and strategies.


Deliberate on your lineup and devise your strategy

The player will meet several waves of monsters in one battle and it may happen that their lineup will be able to counter the player’s previous lineup. With many of the cards already taking damage from the previous battle, what can be done? Not to worry, we have already taken this into consideration and provided players with a Lineup Time to rearrange their lineup in between battles. The player can re-deploy different Cards depending on the situation, so as to deal with the different challenges brought about by PvP and PvE. Find the weakness in the enemy’s lineup, and adjust your lineup accordingly, or even try your luck and use a card from the ‘Mobile Deck’ to replace the injured fighters. Then be sure to prepare yourself for the next round of battle. At this stage, cards which the player has collected can be put to good use. Of course, don’t forget to add them to your Mobile Deck before battle.


Collect Elemental Energy and Element Skill QTE!

In Game of Power, the Fairies possess 4 element stats, and the player will have 4 corresponding Element Energy Bars during battle. The Fairy will gather Element Energy according to the Element Level and type during battle. Once the energy level is full, the Player can unleash a formidable Element Skill whenever they want. Regardless if it is a fiery inferno, earthquake rockfall, torrential rainstorm or a ravaging cyclone, these skills can help you turn the tables at critical moments.


Each time you use the Fairy Element Skill, you will also accumulate Divine Beast Summon Energy. Once that energy level is full, a gorgeous Rank 2 Divine Beast can be summoned to the battlefield. Make full use of Divine Beast Skills and earn the ability to wipe out an entire battlefield in an instant!


The Element Attributes counter each other, so there isn’t one that is the most powerful. There is only one that is the most suitable for the situation!

There are 4 types of elements in the game, Earth, Fire, Water and Wind. The different Element Attributes will counter each other in battle, Earth counters Water, Water counters Fire, Fire counters Wind and Wind counters Earth. Choose cards to counter the Enemy’s Lineup in the best way to win the battle effectively!