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[Background Story]

On the Continent of Landea, there lived the Humans, Orcs and Fairies. The different races had once lived together in peace and harmony, but it didn't last long.. Twenty years ago, Fiend Nazlan led his Demon troops from the Netherworld and invaded the peaceful Land of Landea. The surprise invasion caught many of the races off-guard and they suffered many casualties. Meanwhile, Fiend Nazlan was all-powerful and unstoppable in his crusade of destruction Even the Human capital, with the largest population on the continent, fell into ruin.


In this critical moment, an anonymous hero emerged. He wielded the ancient relic, the 'Sword of Kings,’ and stood up against Fiend Nazlan and his Demon troops. Eventually, he managed to fend off the invasion. After this ordeal, the whereabouts of this unsung Hero and the Sword of Kings became unknown.


Twenty years later, the Demons have suddenly returned. Now they've invaded the player’s village. When faced with the overpowering Demon forces, the player had no choice but to stay and fight back. It was then that they set foot on their endless adventure.



During the adventure, the player progressively developed and made both friends and enemies along the way. As the adventure progressed, the player discovered that they must collect the relics, which are scattered all over the Continent, in order to stand a chance against the Fiend. They would would also soon discover an alarming secret about their own identity.